Hello there!

If you’re here reading this blog maybe you can relate to my lifestyle or I’ve struck your curiosity about the oh so mysterious life of a military wife. Anyhow you’re here and reading my words and I intend to entertain you.  Entertain you by nothing complicated not by trying hard but just with the blissfully beautiful unfiltered, sometimes brutal chapters that are my life. At no point in time am I intending or trying to claim that my life is interesting, exciting, or worthy to take up your valuable time. But the soothing effects of sharing an ordinary life in a raw sense can be beneficial for both the writer and the reader. As many have said, “read it and weep”.

Let’s get acquainted. My name is Jennifer, most call me Jen. But Jennifer when my Mom, Dad or older brother are talking to me, RDH Student Jennifer R when I’m being spoken to by instructors, Mrs. Belcher when spoken to by military professionals, “meow meow” which roughly translates to cat mom, and insert an array of either absurd, cute, or inappropriate nicknames my husband calls me.

So yes if you have caught my drift you can most likely pick up that I am the youngest of a family of four, I am a Registered Dental Hygienist Student, a military wife, I have myself the most adorable kitty named Ziggee, and I also got myself a nutty and handsome husband. And those five pieces of information are a basic description of my everyday identity.

And as I share my chapters of this book we will call life my context will surely, most likely revolve around those five identifying facts about myself. Give it a chance, I might catch your fancy.